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Consultancy service

Our services Due to the new legislation of environmental product charge put into force in January 2012, ÖKO-Pannon Plc. has launched consultancy service on compliance with actual environmental product charge and waste law for packaging emitters. Our company provides the legal usage of Green Dot trademark for producers, importers and retailers as well.

  • Notification obligation
  • Environmental product charge declaration
  • Environmental product charge refund process
  • Providing the use of Green Dot trademark
  • Optimization consultancy with relation to products liable to product charge (packaging, WEE – electric and electronic waste, battery, tyre, advertisement paper) including:
    • interpretation and use of laws in force regulating product charge with consideration to the company’s range of products
    • classification of packaging materials
    • creating the system of taking over the liabilities
    • forming the textual content of invoices (incoming, outgoing)
    • classification of product packaging into the proper product charge category
    • updating background administration in accordance with new laws
    • preparing reports to NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration)
    • review of NAV reports both in terms of running year and previous years
    • continuous availability
    • on-site consultancy
    • petition of stance from NAV
  • Consultancy on individual exemption and coordination
  • Preparing for compliance with the actual law on waste management
  • Preparing for compliance with the packaging regulation
  • Supervision related to the fulfilment of recovery and recycling obligation and product charge reports
  • Consultancy in the field of fulfilment of international recovery and recycling obligation (sending in contracts and reports)
  • Packaging or not packaging – providing professional opinion according to the laws in force

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